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WordPress 2.0 released

December 27, 2005

WordPress 2.0 (final) is now available for download and is just as good as everyone said it would be! The admin interface looks like the one (which is hardly surprising considering that uses WP 2 (MU)), which I’ve always loved.

Impressively, all my plugins and themes still work perfectly, apart from Hello Dolly, but that’s just a CSS problem, placing the random line from the song literally on top of the “Howdy, [username], etc” line.

Well done all you devs! You’ve done a good job, as usual.


WP 2.0 soon

December 12, 2005

I’m really looking forward to WordPress V2.0. Going partly by (for bits of the admin interface at least), partly by other people’s opinions, and partly by looking at the betas/RCs it looks to be one super-slick piece of software!

Does anyone have any idea when it will be released as a final? Guessing soon going by the sudden jump from beta to RC 1 recently… but people who actually know what they’re talking about will probably be somewhat more useful than myself…