WP.com invite

I’ve got a WP.com invite to give away. If you want it, comment this post with what you’d do with it/why you want it and I’ll give it to the person I deem to have the greatest need/best usage idea for it. Remember, my decision is final.

Update: why bother to try and convince me to give you my invite when you could just download Flock and get an invite!

Update again: my invite has gone to Ben!

Update again again: you don’t even need to download Flock now: WP.com


5 Responses to “WP.com invite”

  1. Ben Says:


    1. Because you love me.
    2. Why do you need it any more than me?
    3. Because you love me.

  2. Ben Says:

    Lonely my arse. Ooh, this is nifty.

  3. dansilcox Says:

    Lonely as in noone else commented…

  4. Ben Says:

    Indeed. Well now someone else has I guess.

  5. dansilcox Says:

    Yeh… shut up!

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